What we do

   Media relations, publicity and new media
   Corporate image and design
   Internal/external newsletters
   Website design, content management and new platforms
   Research and strategic planning
   Financial public relations
   Custom Writing

Media Relations, Publicity and New Media

In the world of communications, it´s not only what you say that matters, but how you say it and who hears it.  We´ll make sure that your message is broadcast via the most effective medium for your specific needs. And, of course, this includes social platforms focused on the relevant target audience with messages that add value.

Corporate Image and Design

Your corporate image defines who you are and should carry through every aspect of the business, from the logo to stationery, corporate brochures and branded clothing. We´ll advise you on how to compile a detailed corporate identity manual to avoid getting stuck in a corporate identity crisis.

Internal/External Newsletters

We have developed a niche capability in the custom publishing arena, providing valuable communication media for internal and external stakeholders. If you’re looking for an effective way to communicate with people important to you – staff and clients – give us a call.

Website Design, Content Management and New Platforms

In today’s world your digital presence is more important than ever before. We will help you put yourselves on the map by designing your website for you. And we have experience in producing interactive smartphone applications to make your customers user experience rewarding.

This is only the first step in the process. Too often a perfectly good site is designed but the responsibility for managing it falls to someone who has too much else to do. We prevent this by taking over content management duties.

Research and Strategic Planning

Solid research and sound planning form the backbone of any successful venture. We´ll work with you in conducting research and interpreting data to present a workable plan of the best route forward, whatever the problem or project.

Financial Public Relations

Listed companies must comply with a host of JSE Securities Exchange regulations, particularly on the communication front. Imbongi can assist and lead this process through the development of public announcements, annual reports, analyst presentations and ongoing comment or opinion.

Custom Writing

We´ll write content to suit your target audience and we´ll do it in plain language so that it´s understandable. We can provide a complete turnkey solution from initial brief to completed printed publication or perform any of the individual components along with other members of your team.

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